Books read in 2005

1-5The Book Lover's BookLinda J. Kirk
1-6The Tooth FairyGraham Joyce
1-10The Coming AnarchyRobert D. Kaplan
1-12The Stupidest AngelChristopher Moore
1-16Little Green MenChristopher Buckley
1-22Nine Hundred GrandmothersR.A. Lafferty
1-24The SoloistMark Salzman
1-26Night PrayersP.D. Cacek
1-28OM YogaCyndi Lee
1-28Killing the MockingbirdDennis McBride
2-2Dance for TwoAlan Lightman
2-3Paint Your DragonTom Holt
2-14Lord Kelvin's MachineJames Blaylock
2-1550 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Your Personal FinancesGlink, Ilyce R.
2-16In the Shadow of No TowersArt Spiegelman
2-17Rent GirlMichelle Tea
2-19The History of Luminous MotionScott Bradfield
2-25Dark Cities UndergroundLisa Goldstein
2-27Book LustNancy Pearl
2-27The SearchNaguib Mahfouz
2-28Song of SusannahStephen King
3-2The Golden CompassPhilip Pullman
3-6The Subtle KnifePhilip Pullman
3-7The Amber SpyglassPhilip Pullman
3-13The Bookman's PromiseJohn Dunning
3-16The Last ContinentTerry Pratchett
3-18Wee Free MenTerry Pratchett
3-20The Man Who Fell to EarthWalter Tevis
3-22Bowling AloneRobert Putnam
3-25Lost in PlaceMark Salzman
3-28A Place So ForeignCory Doctorow
4-2The Demon-Haunted WorldCarl Sagan
4-4War TrashHa Jin
4-8Someplace to be FlyingCharles de Lint
4-10The Deeper Meaning of LiffDouglas Adams and John Lloyd
4-11AffluenzaJohn De Graaf, David Wann & Thomas H. Naylor
4-12RemakeConnie Willis
4-17Open SesameTom Holt
4-19A Scanner DarklyPhilip K. Dick
4-21A Streetcar Named DesireTennessee Williams
4-23EmbroideriesMarjane Satrapi
4-24Monkey Brain SushiAlfred Birnbaum, ed
4-26A Hat Full of SkyTerry Pratchett
5-4Secret HarmoniesPaul J. McAuley
5-7Shike: Time of the DragonsRobert Shea
5-9Shike: Last of the ZinjaRobert Shea
5-18Kushiel's DartJacqueline Carey
5-24MortalsNorman Rush
5-25Wrong About JapanPeter Carey
5-26GaviotasAlan Weisman
5-27Earth AbidesGeorge R. Stewart
5-29The Partly Cloudy PatriotSarah Vowell
5-30After the PlagueT.C. Boyle
6-1OvertimeTom Holt
6-2Why We BuyPaco Underhill
6-3Lying AwakeMark Salzman
6-3Time's ArrowMartin Amis
6-6The Saracen: Land of the InfidelRobert Shea
6-8The Polysyllabic SpreeNick Hornby
6-9The Saracen: The Holy WarRobert Shea
6-13SiddhartaHerman Hesse
6-14FreakonomicsSteven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner
6-18The Well of Lost PlotsJasper Fforde
6-20The King of Elfland's DaughterLord Dunsany
6-24The Cat's Pajamas and Other StoriesJames Morrow
7-2Kafka on the ShoreHaruki Murakami
7-3Citiesedited by John McGreevy
7-11A Thread of GraceMary Doria Russell
7-16The PromiseChaim Potok
7-19Harry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceJ.K. Rowling
7-20ExcessionIain M. Banks
7-23The Last Picture ShowLarry McMurtry
7-24Lincoln's DreamsConnie Willis
7-26GrailblazersTom Holt
7-27The Big Over EasyJasper Fforde
7-31PashazadeJon Courtenay Grimwood
7-31Black Widow: HomecomingRichard K Morgan and Bill Sienkiewicz
8-2More Book LustNancy Pearl
8-10River TownPeter Hessler
8-13The Time Traveller's WifeAudrey Niffenegger
8-18A People's History of the United StatesHoward Zinn
8-21The Coyote Kings and the Space-Age Bachelor PadMinister Faust
8-23Isaac NewtonJames Gleick
8-23A Song to Sing, A Life to LiveDon and Emily Saliers
8-26The Televisionary OracleRob Brezsny
8-28The Joy Luck ClubAmy Tan
8-29Newcomer's Handbook for SeattleMonica Fischer and Amy Bellamy
8-31The Gentle PowersStella Gibbons
9-4AmazonsCleo Birdwell
9-5The Professor and the MadmanSimon Winchester
9-11Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves TownCory Doctorow
9-13In a Sunburned CountryBill Bryson
9-14PalestineJoe Sacco
9-22EpilepticDavid B.
9-25Jonathan Strange & Mr. NorrellSusanna Clarke
9-27Where's My Cow?Terry Pratchett
9-27Bug Jack BarronNorman Spinrad
9-28Thud!Terry Pratchett
10-2Borges and the Eternal OrangutansLuis Fernando Verissimo
10-4Looking for JakeChina Mieville
10-6Anansi BoysNeil Gaiman
10-9Thought ContagionAaron Lynch
10-10Something RottenJasper Fforde
10-10Library: The Drama WithinDiane Asseo Griliches
10-13Glass SoupJonathan Carroll
10-14The Devils in the DetailsJames P. Blaylock and Tim Powers
10-15Overheard at the BookstoreJudith Henry
10-17Wild Ducks Flying BackwardTom Robbins
10-22Soldiers of GodRobert D. Kaplan
10-24Scrolling ForwardDavid M. Levy
10-24Brittle InningsMichael Bishop
10-27Ambient FindabilityPeter Morville
10-28All Things are LightsRobert Shea
11-1Tourist SeasonCarl Hiaasen
11-6Oryx & CrakeMargaret Atwood
11-10An Alien LightNancy Kress
11-12Have Spacesuit - Will TravelRobert A. Heinlein
11-13Paul Moves OutMichael Rabagliati
11-15Balkan GhostsRobert D. Kaplan
11-17Columbus in the AmericasWilliam Least Heat Moon
11-21The River at the Center of the WorldSimon Winchester
11-23The Alchemist's DoorLisa Goldstein
11-25The Devil in the White CityErik Larson
11-26Cultural LiteracyE.D. Hirsch, jr.
12-2The Dark TowerStephen King
12-3Brothers in ArmsLois McMaster Bujold
12-7A Man Without a CountryKurt Vonnegut
12-8Forsake the SkyTim Powers
12-10An Insider's Guide to Robert Anton WilsonEric Wagner
12-13The Zenith AngleBruce Sterling
12-14BrothelAlexa Albert
12-19SynnersPat Cadigan
12-22An Empire WildernessRobert Kaplan
12-24BlinkMalcolm Gladwell
12-28Angle of ReposeWallace Stegner

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