Books read in 2012

1-1Nature GirlCarl Hiaasen
1-3The Man in the Empty BoatMark Salzman
1-6WonderstruckBrian Selkirk
1-8OverthrowStephen Kinzer
1-9The Other ShulmanAlan Zweibel
1-16The PhotographerGuibert, Lefevre & Lemercier
1-20Iron CouncilChina Mieville
1-23Liar's PokerMichael Lewis
1-24Swamplandia!Karen Russell
1-26World War ZMax Brooks
1-27The Alloy of LawBrandon Sanderson
1-29One of Our Thursdays is MissingJasper Fforde
2-1The IlluminationKevin Brockmeier
2-2LizardBanana Yoshimoto
2-4Extra VirginityTom Mueller
2-8The Night CircusErin Morgenstern
2-9The LeftoversTom Perrotta
2-10The Best of Kim Stanley RobinsonKim Stanley Robinson
2-10Every Thing On ItShel Silverstein
2-12Everything Bad Is Good for YouSteven Johnson
2-15Up Against ItM. J. Locke
2-19The Empress of MarsKage Baker
2-21Taft 2012Jason Heller
2-23SeekDenis Johnson
2-25The Stone GodsJeanette Winterson
2-26Ship BreakerPaolo Bacigalupi
2-28Non-ViolenceMark Kurlansky
3-6Black Swan GreenDavid Mitchell
3-7The Atrocity ArchivesCharles Stross
3-9The Jennifer MorgueCharles Stross
3-10The Fuller MemorandumCharles Stross
3-11Book Lust to GoNancy Pearl
3-13Hide Me Among the GravesTim Powers
3-15Zone OneColson Whitehead
3-16Hark! A VagrantKate Beaton
3-17TimelessGail Carriger
3-20Deep BluesRobert Palmer
3-25The Marriage PlotJeffrey Eugenides
3-27So Long Been Dreamingedited by Nalo Hopkinson & Uppinder Mehan
3-28Crucible of GoldNaomi Novik
3-31The Devil's HighwayLuis Alberto Urrea
4-1Among OthersJo Walton
4-2BoomerangMichael Lewis
4-4EmmaJane Austen
4-7Parrot & Olivier in AmericaPeter Carey
4-8Nothing to EnvyBarbara Demick
4-11Sacre BleuChristopher Moore
4-16RailseaChina Mieville
4-20Consider the LobsterDavid Foster Wallace
4-21The Good Fairies of New YorkMartin Millar
4-24Futuresedited by Peter Crowther
4-25The MirageMatt Ruff
4-26The God EnginesJohn Scalzi
4-30The Mongoliad, book 1Neal Stephenson, et al
5-1Suddenly a Knock at the DoorEtgar Keret
5-8Behind the Beautiful ForeversKatherine Boo
5-13The Gone-Away WorldNick Harkaway
5-15A Dangerous PlaceMarc Reisner
5-18The Secret History of MoscowEkaterina Sedia
5-20Sleeping Naked is GreenVanessa Farquharson
5-22The Librarian's Guide to NegotiationBeth Ashmore, Jill E. Grogg & Jeff Weddle
5-27The Museum of InnocenceOrhan Pamuk
5-29BlackoutMira Grant
5-31HarmonyKeith Brooke
6-4The Dervish HouseIan McDonald
6-7Time and AgainJack Finney
6-8The First 20 MinutesGretchen Reynolds
6-9Random Factoredited by Elaine Palmer
6-14QuietSusan Cain
6-15The Pacific Northwest Readeredited by Carl Lennertz
6-22Things That Never HappenM. John Harrison
6-23The Winter of Our DiscontentJohn Steinbeck
6-27The Long EarthTerry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter
6-30Captain Vorpatril's AllianceLois McMaster Bujold
7-4Granite Under WaterJeanne Lohmann
7-5Under HeavenGuy Gavriel Kay
7-8A Planet of VirusesCarl Zimmer
7-9The Best American Essays 2007David Foster Wallace
7-13The Power of HabitCharles Duhigg
7-14On Stranger TidesTim Powers
7-14McSweeney's 6
7-17Crackpot PalaceJeffrey Ford
7-18Juliet, NakedNick Hornby
7-18RedshirtsJohn Scalzi
7-22Cutting for StoneAbraham Verghese
7-27The Fourteen Sisters of Emilio Montez O'BrienOscar Hijuelos
8-5RASL: Romance at the Speed of LightJeff Smith
8-8Impossible StoriesZoran Zivkovic
8-9The Man with Two Left Feet and Other StoriesPG Wodehouse
8-101Q84Haruki Murakami
8-13The Apocalypse CodexCharles Stross
8-14The AlchemistPaolo Bacigalupi
8-14The ExecutionessTobias S. Buckell
8-14All About EmilyConnie Willis
8-15The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris LessmoreWilliam Joyce
8-15The Lost CosmonautDaniel Kalder
8-18All Seated on the GroundConnie Willis
8-19The Woman Who Died a LotJasper Fforde
8-20FraudDavid Rakoff
8-25LuminariumAlex Shakar
8-26The Pedant in the KitchenJulian Barnes
8-28The New York Public Library's Books of the Centuryedited by Elizabeth Diefendorf
8-29Nine LivesWilliam Dalrymple
9-1Why is the Penis Shaped Like That?Jesse Bering
9-2Impossible Stories IIZoran Zivkovic
9-3Rule 34Charles Stross
9-4Running DogDon DeLillo
9-5Foucault for beginnersLydia Alix Fillingham
9-6Coming Ungluededited by Jim Snowden
9-8The Big NecessityRose George
9-9The Drowned CitiesPaolo Bacigalupi
9-11BallisticsBilly Collins
9-11The Wolves of MemoryGeorge Alec Effinger
9-13Jaguars Ripped My FleshTim Cahill
9-19Allah is Not ObligedAhmadou Kourouma
9-24MainspringJay Lake
9-28Salmon Fishing on the YemenPaul Torday
9-29EmbassytownChina Mieville
10-1The Art of ProcrastinationJohn Perry
10-2DodgerTerry Pratchett
10-3Moloka'iAlan Brennert
10-6The Pirates! In an Adventure with the RomaticsGideon Defoe
10-7Another Bullshit Night in Suck CityNick Flynn
10-8The Library at NightAlberto Manguel
10-10Mother AegyptKage Baker
10-19GarbologyEdward Humes
10-23Roads to QuozWilliam Least Heat-Moon
10-28Some RemarksNeal Stephenson
10-29JerusalemGuy Delisle
10-30State of WonderAnn Patchett
10-31The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt KidBill Bryson
11-1DrownJunot Diaz
11-2Weird Things Customers Say in BookstoresJen Campbell
11-3Blonde BombshellTom Holt
11-4Jujitsu for ChristJack Butler
11-6Kafka AmericanaJonathan Lethem & Carter Scholz
11-7The Age of MiraclesKaren Thompson Walker
11-10Selected PoemsJorge Luis Borges
11-11Popular Music from VittulaMikael Niemi
11-17Galileo's DreamKim Stanley Robinson
11-18The BorrowerRebecca Makkai
11-20The Good Good PigSy Montgomery
11-23The Chemistry of TearsPeter Carey
11-26SpellwrightBlake Charlton
11-27Sand in my Braedited by Jennifer L. Leo
11-28Mongoliad book 2Neal Stephenson, et al
12-1SpellboundBlake Charlton
12-3Albert of AdelaideHoward L. Anderson
12-4Out of Mao's ShadowPhilip P. Pan
12-7Working in the ShadowsGabriel Thompson
12-8Gods and PawnsKage Baker
12-1111/22/63Stephen King
12-14The Corpse in the KoryoJames Church
12-19Where Good Ideas Come FromSteven Johnson
12-19WildCheryl Strayed
12-21Article 5Kristen Simmons
12-22Pirate CinemaCory Doctorow
12-26RobopocalypseDaniel H. Wilson
12-28Christmas at Cold Comfort FarmStella Gibbons
12-29God's WarKameron Hurley
12-30Portlandia: A Guide for VisitorsFred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein

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