Books read in 2015

1-1SymbiontMira Grant
1-2Steps Through the MistZoran Zivkovic
1-3The Strange LibraryHaruki Murakami
1-11Dreams and ShadowsC. Robert Cargill
1-14A Choice of GodsClifford D. Simak
1-17Kierkegaard for BeginnersDonald D. Palmer
1-17The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying UpMarie Kondo
1-18Birthday StoriesHaruki Murakami
1-19Childlesscompiled by Hilary Crahan
1-19The Immortal BartfussAharon Appelfeld
1-19The Old Man Who Read Love StoriesLuis Sepulveda
1-19Prose Poems by Kahlil Gibran
1-20The Woman Who thought She Was a PlanetVandana Singh
1-24Better than LifeDaniel Pennac
1-25Too Much InformationGene Ambaum & Bill Barnes
1-25Fire on the MountainTerry Bisson
1-31Travel LightNaomi Mitchison
2-2The Best American Travel Writing 2012edited by William Vollman
2-16Galapagos RegainedJames Morrow
2-22The Book of Strange New ThingsMichel Faber
2-23AmericanahChimamanda Ngozi Adichie
3-1CairoG. Willow Wilson
3-1SevenevesNeal Stephenson
3-3UprootedNaomi Novik
3-7Get in TroubleKelly Link
3-8Travelling the WorldPaul Theroux
3-10World War II for BeginnersEroll Selkirk
3-11AcceptanceJeff Vandermeer
3-14The Best American Comics 2006edited by Harvey Pekar
3-16DoughnutTom Holt
3-18Good Omens (reread)Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
3-20Can't We Talk About Something More PleasantRoz Chast
3-23Thousandth NightAlastair Reynolds
3-25Paladin of SoulsLois McMaster Bujold
3-27The Hallowed HuntLois McMaster Bujold
4-1EpitaphMary Doria Russell
4-2Dragons at Crumbling CastleTerry Pratchett
4-9MississippiAnthony Walton
4-11City of StairsRobert Jackson Bennett
4-12Re-BirthJohn Wyndham
4-19The King's PeaceJo Walton
4-20Who fears DeathNnedi Okorafor
4-22The King's NameJo Walton
4-23The Prize in the GameJo Walton
4-25The Doubt FactoryPaolo Bacigalupi
4-25The SculptorScott McCloud
4-26Information Doesn't Want to be FreeCory Doctorow
4-29Sacagawea's NicknameLarry McMurtry
5-2PsionJoan Vinge
5-2Large PrintGene Ambaum & Bill Barnes
5-4Shelf Lifeedited by Greg Ketter
5-7LockstepKarl Schroeder
5-13Orange CountyGustavo Arellano
5-16ProKatha Pollitt
5-16Unlocking the AirUrsula K. Le Guin
5-16Cobalt City Timeslipedited by C. Dombrowski
5-17Station ElevenEmily St. John Mandel
5-22TimeboundRysa Walker
5-22The Goblin EmperorKatherine Addison
5-31The Feminine MistakeLeslie Bennetts
6-2ObabakoakBernardo Atxaga
6-3The Water KnifePaolo Bacigalupi
6-8The Family TradeCharles Stross
6-11Out on the WireJessica Abel
6-12A History of the World in 6 GlassesTom Standage
6-13Ancillary SwordAnn Leckie
6-20The Three-Body ProblemLiu Cixin
6-26ArmadaErnest Cline
6-28Nemesis GamesJames S. A. Corey
6-30Y: the Last Man - UnmannedBrian K. Vaughan
7-6Granta 20: In Trouble Again
7-23The PeripheralWilliam Gibson
7-28The Relaxation ResponseHerbert Benson
7-29On the Shoulders of GiantsKareen Abdul-Jabbar
7-29Human Nature: The Japanese Garden of Portland, OregonBruce Taylor Hamilton
8-2Rad American Women A-ZKate Schatz & Miriam Klein Stahl
8-2Servants of the MapAndrea Barrett
8-5Saints and StrangersAngela Carter
8-7Alias GraceMargaret Atwood
8-7Blood, Tin, StrawSharon Olds
8-7The Best American Comics 2012Francoise Mouly
8-11On Her TrailJohn Dickerson
8-13The Seven Good YearsEtgar Keret
8-15The End of All ThingsJohn Scalzi
8-21Between the World and MeTa-Nehisi Coates
8-24SlippageHarlan Ellison
8-25Please Do Not Taunt the OctopusMira Grant
8-25Heal Your HeadacheDavid Buchholz
8-29Y: The Last Man - CyclesBrian K. Vaughan
8-30John Scalzi Is Not A Very Popular Author And I Myself Am Quite Popular: How SJWs Always Lie About Our Comparative Popularity LevelsTheophilius Pratt
8-30Cuisines of the Axis of Evil and Other Irritating StatesChris Fair
9-2Penric's DemonLois McMaster Bujold
9-3Secondhand SoulsChristopher Moore
9-7The Shepherd's CrownTerry Pratchett
9-12The Long UtopiaTerry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter
9-13Slade HouseDavid Mitchell
9-18The Bones of TimeKathleen Ann Goonan
9-24Now and ThenJoseph Heller
10-3Wind/PinballHaruki Murakami
10-3Perfidious ManWill Self & David Gamble
10-10Here, There, ElsewhereWilliam Least Heat-Moon
10-10Sex Criminals: One Weird TrickMatt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky
10-11The Open RoadPico Iyer
10-11Africa ZeroNeal Asher
10-12The Apex Book of World SF 4edited by Mahvesh Murad
10-14The RithmatistBrandon Sanderson
10-15We Should All Be FeministsChimamanda Ngozi Adiche
10-16AnnoyingJoe Palca & Flora Lichtman
10-17LagoonNnedi Okorafor
10-18LibriomancerJim C. Hines
10-19Orsinian TalesUrsula K. Le Guin
10-20The World of PooTerry Pratchett
10-23The Tango SingerTomas Eloy Martinex
10-25Lovecraft CountryMatt Ruff
10-30Sex Criminals: Two Worlds, One CopMatt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky
10-31EmergenceSteven Johnson
10-31The Invention of SolitudePaul Auster
11-1The Sleeper and the SpindleNeil Gaiman
11-3Dragon's Fin SoupS. P. Somtow
11-7The Door to Lost PagesClaude Lalumiere
11-13The End of the End of EverythingDale Bailey
11-13Finding My ElegyUrsula K. Le Guin
11-14Face of a StrangerYoji Yamaguchi
11-19Saturn RunJohn Sandford & Ctein
11-20SpinsterKate Bolick
11-21Gentleman Jole and the Red QueenLois McMaster Bujold
11-22Happiness is a Warm Corpseedited by Alfred Hitchcock
11-23The Sandman: OvertureNeil Gaiman
11-26The Annihilation ScoreCharles Stross
11-27Polar DreamHelen Thayer
11-29WoolHugh Howey
11-30Pole Dancing to Gospel HymnsAndrea Gibson
12-1Y: The Last Man - One Small StepBrian K. Vaughan
12-1Y: The Last Man - SafewordBrian K. Vaughan
12-1Y: The Last Man - Ring of TruthBrian K. Vaughan
12-2In the Penny ArcadeSteven Millhauser
12-5Y: The Last Man - Girl on GirlBrian K. Vaughan
12-5Y: The Last Man - Paper DollsBrian K. Vaughan
12-6Nip the Buds Shoot the KidsKenzaburo Oe
12-6Y: The Last Man - Kimono DragonsBrian K. Vaughan
12-6Y: The Last Man - MotherlandBrian K. Vaughan
12-6Y: The Last Man - Whys and WhereforesBrian K. Vaughan
12-11Geektasticedited by Holly Black and Cecil Catellucci
12-13Radio Free AlbemuthPhilip K. Dick
12-13ShaneJack Schaeffer
12-14The Quantum ThiefHannu Rajaniemi
12-16Maureen Birnbaum, Barbarian SwordspersonGeorge Alec Effinger
12-16Code Monkey Save World by Greg Pak et al.
12-18London's OverthrowChina Mieville
12-19The Library of Unrequited LoveSophie Divry
12-24Out on the WireJessica Abel
12-27PacificSimon Winchester
12-28ChimeraMira Grant

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