"Surely, Kiwi is one of the fundamental foundations which supports all cornerstones of (what we think is our own) human existence. Because of the obviousness of such fact, I deemed it necessary to found the University of Illinois Kiwi Admiration Society. Of course, I am the president, so I get the most kiwi, but since they are usually only 5 for a dollar I am usually willing to share. Unless Kristin is hungry." -- Brett Foy

I had this really neat poem about kiwis that Brett wrote. But I lost it somewhere.

(that is kiwi the fruit not kiwi the bird) (a slight clarification for those who have asked). More of a disclaimer: Since I've gotten mail from quite a few people from New Zealand correcting me on my usage I would just like to comment that I'm not entirely ignorant. Yes, I know that to people there a kiwi is either a New Zealander or a bird, while kiwifruit is the fruit. In the US however, kiwi is the commonly accepted name for the fruit. So, no, it's not ignorance that makes me use a term that some would consider incorrect, rather habit.

Founding Member of the University of Illinois Kiwi Appreciation Society

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