Loopi on the Illuminati

The Illuminati is about one thing...responsibility. The preceeding statement is NOT capital < T > True in capital < R > Reality, yet in practice in the real world, an unbelievably large proportion of our problems stem from the fact that MOST people believe OTHERS shouldn't have personal responsibility to the point of actually having free choice. Many even believe that they themselves cannot be trusted with so great a responsibility. The 'people' give enough power to churches, governments, schools < which are mostly state or church run >, and media, among others, to actually make rules which govern every aspect of our lives. WHAT we can put into our bodies, whether we can choose to live or die, where we can park our cars, which are not a RIGHT but a priviledge, how old we have to be to drink, have sex, vote, be free from parental control, etc., all of which remove our personal responsibility, and make those who wish to take that responsibility criminals. The very people who voice dissent when they feel wronged, the very ones who are the most likely to fight for their Universal Right to exist in a way which doesn't harm others < I have no idea if we have the right to harm others and do not wish to argue the point here, > I < feel > I < don't want to harm others, you may not, if so, then once the basic right to NOT harm others is offered, we can discuss any other amendments necessary >, all of these people are also the most likely to be criminals under our present system.

It starts young. School; Don't chew gum, single file line, you must ASK to go to the bathroom, no Public Displays of Affection, dress codes, etc. all getting us used to being controlled and giving up our right to be sincerely and completely different if we so choose. If you cannot learn the ideas THEY believe you should, in the way THEY offer them, then you FAIL, and are SLOWER than the others. But hey, they are just preparing you for the Real < capital R > World out there. Not with what they teach, but with what you subliminally learn is acceptable from 'authority' and that the path of least resistance is THEIR path. Does Mrs. Shmoggledooper the third grade teacher KNOW she is an Illuminati indoctrinnation agent? No, since she is so deeply entrenched in her own world which consisted of !57! years of indoctination.

Now, a minor point in this discourse. Illuminati. THEY may or may not realize this is what they are called. But in my opinion the Illuminati consists of minds like Wilson, Shea, Leary, Kesey, Fuller, Jefferson, Galileo, and even Dillinger. People who do NOT accept the status quo and attempt to bring light to the 'masses' and free their minds to accepting responsibility for their own sanity or lack thereof. So, in my opinion Illuminati either needs to be said with absolute sarcasm, or we need a new name for those whose sole direction in life is to keep us penned up in the dark. Eris and the Discordia are not JUST about running around waving your arms and saying gobble gobble gobble gobble gobble, or rejecting all order out of hand, but about accepting creative disorder as equal to creative order, and COMPLETELY shunning all negative order and disorder as games which lead to the same nasty end for us all.

Tomorrow when you go out into the world, count < if you can even see them > the number of times you would prefer to handle your life differently but are forced by the rules of society and law and religion and all the associated ettiquette and political correctness to act differently. If you truly feel the answer is 'not at all' I either congratulate you heartily or grieve for you. Otherwise, maybe you will begin to see that if your answer is an average of 5 or more and you are reading this in the three original newsgroups it was posted to, then you are one of the at least SLIGHTLY enlightened, and MOST people are blindly going along and having days which consist SOLELY of doing things they don't want, for the good of those they don't care about, in a way which irks and angers them. Most of downtown Anywhere in any 'civilized' country is FILLED with them. Now, what as a discordian or subgenius, do YOU think we should do about it? Or does being a discordian/subgenius mean we have to not care enough to actually spread the truth of what is in this message. Sure, you may disagree COMPLETELY with much of what I say, even though you know it's true. That's fine. WHat would we do about it if I am as right as I actually am?

Loopi, taking himself seriously for a bit....

Loopi posted this on alt.discordia but I liked it so I figured I'd stick it in here.

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