Books read in 1997

1-25Expiration Date Tim Powers
1-26The Hollow Hills Mary Stewart
1-29Pacific Edge Kim Stanley Robinson
2-04Voyage Stephen Baxter
2-08Anti-Ice Stephen Baxter
2-10The Last Enchantment Mary Stewart
2-11A Short, Sharp Shock Kim Stanley Robinson
2-12Globalhead Bruce Sterling
2-13Science FictionismsWilliam Rotsler,ed
2-16Earth David Brin
2-18The Wicked Day Mary Stewart
2-19Flesh Philip Jose Farmer
2-20Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas Tom Robbins
2-22Bible Stories for Adults James Morrow
2-25Rose Madder Stephen King
3-02Crystal Express Bruce Sterling
3-03The Venetian's Wife Nick Bantock
3-09The Intelligence Agents Timothy Leary
3-12Stand on Zanzibar John Brunner
3-16Flux Stephen Baxter
3-17Eccentrics: a Study of Sanity and Strangeness David Weeks and Jamie James
3-18When Gravity FailsGeorge Alec Effinger
3-19Only Begotten Daughter James Morrow
3-23The Bridge Iain Banks
3-25The God of the Labyrinth Colin Wilson
3-26Towing Jehovah James Morrow
3-30The Left Hand of the Electron Isaac Asimov
3-31The Raven and Other Favorite Poems Edgar Allen Poe
3-31Ficciones Jorge Luis Borges
4-04The Sandman: The Kindly Ones Neil Gaiman, et al
4-05The Dark Descent David G. Hartwell, ed
4-06101 Science Fiction StoriesMartin H. Greenberg, Charles G. Waugh & Jenny-Lynn Waugh, eds
4-07The Psychedelic ReaderTimothy Leary, Ralph Metzner, and Gunther M. Weil,eds
4-10The Eye in the TriangleIsrael Regardie
4-11Software Rudy Rucker
4-13Casual Day has Gone too Far Scott Adams
4-16A Fire in the Sun George Alec Effinger
4-20A Fire Upon the Deep Vernor Vinge
4-21Doomsday Book Connie Willis
4-27Wetware Rudy Rucker
4-28The Continent of Lies James Morrow
5-03Sewer, Gas & Electric Matt Ruff
5-11Darwin's Dangerous Idea Daniel Dennett
5-12The Anubis Gates Tim Powers
5-13Starship Troopers Robert A. Heinlein
5-15The Wine of Violence James Morrow
5-19The Shadow of the Torturer Gene Wolfe
5-20The Stars My Destination Alfred Bester
5-22Freeware Rudy Rucker
6-01Virus of the Mind Richard Brodie
6-04Brief Lives Neil Gaiman, et al
6-06Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Macabre H.P. Lovecraft
6-07A Book of Surrealist Gamescompiled by Alastair Brotchie
6-08How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie
6-09City of Truth James Morrow
6-10Falling Free Lois McMaster Bujold
6-11The Walls Came Tumbling Down Robert Anton Wilson
6-12Rushing to Paradise J.G. Ballard
6-13Timelike Infinity Stephen Baxter
6-15The Gold Coast Kim Stanley Robinson
6-16The American Heretic's Dictionary Chaz Bufe
6-17Language and Thought Noam Chomsky
6-21The New Hacker's Dictionary, 2nd ed Eric S. Raymond
6-22Clerks/Chasing Amy: Two Screenplays Kevin Smith
6-22Hocus Pocus Kurt Vonnegut
6-23The Tree of Lies Christopher Hyatt
6-30Godel, Escher, Bach Douglas Hofstadter
7-02Frogs into Princes Richard Bandler and John Grinder
7-08Sperm Wars Robin Baker
7-09A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters Julian Barnes
7-10The Joy of Writing Sex : A Guide for Fiction Writers Elizabeth Benedict
7-14The Quantity Theory of Insanity Will Self
7-14Sociolinguistics Peter Trudgill
7-15The Doll's House Neil Gaiman, et al
7-16Excursions to the Far Side of the Mind Howard Rheingold
7-18Kipper's Game Barbara Ehrenreich
7-20Fool on the Hill Matt Ruff
7-21Escape From Kathmandu Kim Stanley Robinson
7-22If on a Winter's Night a Traveler Italo Calvino
7-23The Demolished Man Alfred Bester
7-24Grey Area Will Self
7-25Agent of Chaos Norman Spinrad
7-26Schismatrix Bruce Sterling
7-26Staring at the Sun Julian Barnes
7-27Angels & Visitations Neil Gaiman
7-27The Gutenberg Elegies Sven Birkerts
7-28Equal Rites Terry Pratchett
7-30The Gray Prince Jack Vance
8-01Neverwhere Neil Gaiman
8-03The Theory of Everything Lisa Grunwald
8-06The Handmaid's Tale Margaret Atwood
8-07Averse to Beasts Nick Bantock
8-09The Turing Option Harry Harrison and Marvin Minsky
8-11Celestial Matters Richard Garfinkle
8-14The Regulators Richard Bachman
8-16A Game of You Neil Gaiman, et al
8-17World's End Neil Gaiman, et al
8-20The Rise of Endymion Dan Simmons
8-23Good Benito Alan Lightman
8-24The Day I Swapped my Dad for Two Goldfish Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean
8-24The Wake Neil Gaiman, et al
8-25The Path to the Nest of Spiders Italo Calvino
8-26Season of Mists Neil Gaiman, et al
8-29Dreamtigers Jorge Luis Borges
9-04Interesting Times Terry Pratchett
9-06Preludes and Nocturnes Neil Gaiman, et al
9-09Labyrinths Jorge Luis Borges
9-10The Notebooks of Lazarus Long Robert A. Heinlein
9-18Death: the High Cost of Living Neil Gaiman, et al
9-21A Canticle for Leibowitz Walter M. Miller, jr
9-23The Eight Katherine Neville
9-23Methuselah's Children Robert A. Heinlein
9-25Dinner at Deviant's Palace Tim Powers
9-30The Forever War Joe Haldeman
10-03The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Robert A Heinlein
10-03The Terminal Experiment Robert J. Sawyer
10-06The Gold Bug Variations Richard Powers
10-10The Tao of Pooh Benjamin Hoff
10-10Prisoner's Dilemma William Poundstone
10-12Fractal Paisleys Paul Di Filippo
10-13Icehenge Kim Stanley Robinson
10-13The Forgetting Room Nick Bantock
10-15Ammonite Nicola Griffith
10-21Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Tom Robbins
10-22Time and Light William Bornefeld
10-23Startide Rising David Brin
10-26The Calcutta Chromosome Amitav Ghosh
10-27Timequake Kurt Vonnegut
10-29Blameless in Abaddon James Morrow
10-30Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman Walter Miller
11-01Fat Men From Space Daniel Pinkwater
11-02Prayers to Broken Stones Dan Simmons
11-06The Last Basselope Berkeley Breathed
11-09The Chalice & the Blade Riane Eisler
11-11Ribofunk Paul di Filippo
11-12Still Life with Woodpecker Tom Robbins
11-13Bluebeard Kurt Vonnegut
11-18Mind Grenades Plunkett & Rosetto
11-18The Woman with Two Vaginas Denise Duhamel
11-20The Uplift War David Brin
11-23Crazy Wisdom Wes Nisker
11-25Wizard and Glass Stephen King
11-27White Light Rudy Rucker
11-28Metroland Julian Barnes
12-04Violent Cases Neil Gaiman
12-04Signal to Noise Neil Gaiman
12-05Fates Worse Than Death Kurt Vonnegut
12-06The Illuminated Rumitrans. by Coleman Banks
12-09Inside COM Dale Rogerson
12-09William Gibson's Neuromancer Tom De Haven & Bruce Jensen
12-10Skinny Legs and All Tom Robbins
12-12Swatting at the Cosmos James Morrow
12-13Involution Ocean Bruce Sterling
12-15ErosJane Lahr and Linda Ferrer, eds
12-18The Steampunk Trilogy Paul DiFilippo
12-20Death: The Time of Your Life Neil Gaiman, et al
12-20My Cousin, My Gastroenterologist Mark Leyner
12-23Telling it Like it Isn't Scott Adams
12-23Jitterbug Perfume Tom Robbins
12-24Sundiver David Brin
12-25Ishmael Daniel Quinn
12-26Beggars in Spain Nancy Kress
12-28Last Call Tim Powers
12-29The Secret of Life Rudy Rucker

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