Books read in 2000

1-1The Museum at Purgatory Nick Bantock
1-3River Horse William Least Heat Moon
1-4The Fiery Cuisines Dave DeWitt & Nancy Gerlach
1-5Post Office Charles Bukowski
1-8A Wild Sheep Chase Haruki Murakami
1-9Lizard Music D. Manus Pinkwater
1-10God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian Kurt Vonnegut
1-12Adriana's Spice Caravan Adriana and Rochelle Zabarkes
1-12Hot! Janet Hazen
1-13Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone Ian McDonald
1-17Would It Kill You to Smile? Philip Lawson
1-18The Hoboken Chicken Emergency D. Manus Pinkwater
1-19Lunatics Bradley Denton
1-23Hogfather Terry Pratchett
1-25Enchantment Orson Scott Card
2-1Strong Women Stay Young Miriam E. Nelson and Sarah Wernick
2-3Miss Wyoming Douglas Coupland
2-6Attila the Pun Daniel Pinkwater
2-7Savage Love Dan Savage
2-10Shiva 3000 Jan Jensen
2-13Sky Coyote Kage Baker
2-14Small Gods Terry Pratchett
2-21Borgel Daniel Pinkwater
2-22Desolation Road Ian McDonald
2-24Maskerade Terry Pratchett
2-29The Muffin Fiend Daniel Pinkwater
2-29Ned Feldman, Space Pirate Daniel Pinkwater
3-1Coin Locker Babies Ryu Murakami
3-2the Moosepire Daniel Pinkwater
3-5The Invisible Country Paul McAuley
3-7Black HolesJerry Pournelle,ed
3-7Return of the Moose Daniel M. Pinkwater
3-9Sacrifice of Fools Ian McDonald
3-12Armaggedon: The Musical Robert Rankin
3-18Mush, a Dog from Space Daniel Pinkwater
3-20Woe is I Patricia T. O'Conner
3-21Real Exercise for Real People Peter and Lorna Francis
3-25Aegypt John Crowley
3-27Cannery Row John Steinbeck
3-30Effective COM Don Box, Keith Brown, Tim Ewald and Chris Sells
4-4Chicago Days / Hoboken Nights Daniel Pinkwater
4-9Fish Whistle Daniel Pinkwater
4-16Fairyland Paul J. McAuley
4-17The Snarkout Boys & the Baconburg Horror Daniel Pinkwater
4-17A Passion for BooksTerry W. Glaspey
4-19Words I Wish I Wrote Robert Fulgham
4-21The Free Fall of Webster Cummings Tom Bodett
4-25Kling Klang Klatch Ian McDonald
4-30Dangerous Visions #2Harlan Ellison,ed
5-1Smoke Donald E. Westlake
5-8Howard Who? Howard Waldrop
5-10Quarantine Greg Egan
5-24Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX Carlton Egremont III
5-25Terminal Cafe Ian McDonald
5-30How Reading Changed My Life Anna Quindlen
6-1Before & After Matthew Thomas
6-4The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing Melissa Bank
6-15Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates Tom Robbins
6-195 Novels Daniel Pinkwater
6-22Varietal Tendencies Michael J. Caldwell
6-24The Inimitable Jeeves P.G. Wodehouse
6-25Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone J.K. Rowling
7-2Consider Phlebas Iain M. Banks
7-4Evolution's Darling Scott Westerfield
7-5Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets J.K. Rowling
7-7Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban J. K. Rowling
7-9Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire J. K. Rowling
7-??They Came and Ate Us Robert Rankin
7-??The Suburban Book of the Dead Robert Rankin
7-31Skin Tight Carl Hiassen
8-2Tigana Guy Gavriel Kay
8-10A Canticle for Leibowitz Walter M. Miller, Jr.
8-13Red Hot Gourmet
8-13The Egyptian Jukebox Nick Bantock
8-14Fata Morgana William Kotzwinkle
8-15The Kid Dan Savage
8-17The Artful Dodger Nick Bantock
8-19The Afterlife Diet Daniel Pinkwater
8-28The Currents of Space Isaac Asimov
9-2The Broom of the System David Foster Wallace
9-3Skipped Parts Tim Sandlin
9-4The Dream of the Unified Field Jorie Graham
9-5Karma Cola Gita Mehta
9-7About a Boy Nick Hornby
9-11The Zen of Cooking Lucille Naimer
9-12Ecstasy Club Douglas Rushkoff
9-13Garlic Garlic Garlic Linda & Fred Griffith
9-14The Design of Everyday Things Donald A. Norman
9-16The Geography of Desire Robert Boswell
9-24The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingsolver
9-25South of the Border, West of the Sun Haruki Murakami
9-30The Case Against Tomorrow Frederick Pohl
10-05The Light Fantastic Terry Pratchett
10-06Leviathan Paul Auster
10-08The Meme Machine Susan Blackmore
10-11The War of Don Emmanuel's Nether Parts Louis De Bernieres
10-15The Best American Essays 1998Cynthia Ozick,ed
10-20Wicked Gregory Maguire
10-24Whores of Lost Atlantis Charles Busch
10-27Patterns Pat Cadigan
10-28Piano Lessons Noah Adams
10-29Black & White Photography: A Basic Manual Henry Horenstein
10-30Muskrat Courage Philip Lawson
11-2The Vor Game Lois McMaster Bujold
ll-3Off the Eaten Path Bob Blumer (a.k.a. the surreal gourmet)
11-4The Calvin Coolidge Home for Dead Comedians Bradley Denton
11-5Recipes 1-2-3 Menu Cookbook Rozanne Gold
11-12The Nudist on the Late Shift Po Bronson
11-12James McNair's Rice Cookbook
11-12James McNair's Potato Cookbook
11-17A Month of Sundays John Updike
11-18Wrapt in Crystal Sharon Shinn
11-23A Confederacy of Dunces John Kennedy Toole
11-26Oscar & Lucinda Peter Carey
12-2Guards! Guards! Terry Pratchett
12-7The Wind-up Bird Chronicle Haruki Murakami
12-10Holidays on Ice David Sedaris
12-13Bag of Bones Stephen King
12-18The Road to Mars Eric Idle
12-20Watching Trees Grow Peter F. Hamilton

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