Books read in 2003

1-1Steppenwolf Hermann Hesse
1-2Possession A.S. Byatt
1-6Lords and Ladies Terry Pratchett
1-12The Best of PulphouseKristine Kathryn Rusch,ed
1-12Andrew Henry's Meadow Doris Burn (reread)
1-14Fitting in Fitness the American Heart Association
1-14The Soccer War Ryszard Kapuscinski
1-14The Cartoon Guide to Statistics Larrry Gonick & Woolcott Smith
1-16The Very Slow Time Machine Ian Watson
1-23Life Form Alan Dean Foster
1-24Declare Tim Powers
1-27Tortilla Flat John Steinbeck
1-28Tepper Isn't Going Out Calvin Trillin
1-30Them Bones Howard Waldrop
2-03My Ishmael Daniel Quinn
2-06Sailing to Sarantium Guy Gavriel Kay
2-07Lord of Emperors Guy Gavriel Kay
2-10Sick Puppy Carl Hiaasen
2-10Marcovaldo Italo Calvino
2-12Riding Shotgun Rita Mae Brown
2-13A Rush of Dreamers John Cech
2-15Nickel and Dimed Barbara Ehrenreich
2-19The Corrections Jonathan Franzen
2-24Pattern Recognition William Gibson
2-27I, Robot Isaac Asimov
3-3What Should I Do With My Life? Po Bronson
3-7Trader Charles De Lint
3-11TSOG Robert Anton Wilson
3-13Pay it Forward Catherine Ryan Hyde
3-17Stark Ben Elton
3-22Lolita Vladimir Nabokov
3-25As I Lay Dying William Faulkner
3-26The Bookman's Wake John Dunning
3-27My Uncle Oswald Roald Dahl
3-29Dance Dance Dance Haruki Murakami
3-31Things Fall Apart Chinua Achebe
4-3Blue Moon over Thurman StreetUrsula K. LeGuin & Roger Dorband
4-5The White CastleOrhan Pamuk
4-7The Star FractionKen MacLeod
4-7Weight Training for DummiesLiz Neporent and Suzanne Schlosberg
4-10VelocitiesStephen Dobyns
4-13Set This House in OrderMatt Ruff
4-16CodeNotes for Web Based UIGregory Brill
4-19Bridget Jones's DiaryHelen Fielding
4-21A Far Rockaway of the HeartLawrence Ferlinghetti
4-21Bento:Story Art Boxedited by Allen Spiegel
4-23Reaper ManTerry Pratchett
4-25Uncle Boris in the YukonDaniel Pinkwater
5-4The Seeds of TimeKay Kenyon
5-5From Beirut to JerusalemThomas Friedman
5-6The Reader's Quotation BookSteven Gilbar, ed
5-15City of Saints and MadmenJeff VanderMeer
5-19Programming Interviews ExposedJohn Mongan and Noah Suojanen
5-21EaterGregory Benford
5-24On the RoadJack Kerouac
5-27A Song for ArbonneGuy Gavriel Kay
5-28Villa IncognitoTom Robbins
6-03The Armchair EconomistSteven E. Landsburg
6-04IndigoGraham Joyce
6-05One Day in the Life of Ivan DenisovichAlexander Solzhenitsyn
6-06Notes from a Small IslandBill Bryson
6-07Feersum EndjinnIain M. Banks
6-10Creatures of Light and DarkRoger Zelazny
6-12Thief of TimeTerry Pratchett
6-15Bone, vol 1. Jeff Smith
6-16Bone, vol 2.Jeff Smith
6-16McSweeney's 6
6-18Bone, vol 3.Jeff Smith
6-19The Grapes of RalphRalph Steadman
6-19Real ThingsJim Elledge and Susan Swartwout, eds
6-22CapolanNick Bantock
6-24FlukeChristopher Moore
6-30PyramidsTerry Pratchett
6-30Mirror DanceLois McMaster Bujold
7-1Falling SidewaysTom Holt
7-4A Clash of KingsGeorge R.R. Martin
7-5Neither Here Nor ThereBill Bryson
7-6The Complete MausArt Siegelman
7-7TouristsLisa Goldstein
7-7Rubicon BeachSteve Erickson
7-9Fugitives and RefugeesChuck Palahniuk
7-9UndergroundHaruki Murakami
7-10Bones of the EarthMichael Swanwick
7-12The Eyre AffairJasper Fforde
7-15SeekRudy Rucker
7-16The Last HarborGeorge Foy
7-17GridlinkedNeal Asher
7-18Down and Out in the Magic KingdomCory Doctorow
7-22The U.N. for BeginnersIan Williams
7-23Little DoorsPaul Di Filippo
7-24Shah of ShahsRyszard Kapuscinski
7-25TimbuktuPaul Auster
7-26Ghost WorldDaniel Clowes
7-29Reading Lolita in TehranAzar Nafisi
7-30Night WatchTerry Pratchett
7-30City of GlassDouglas Coupland
7-31The End of the RoadTom Bodett
7-31SkelligDavid Almond
8-2Snow CrashNeal Stephenson
8-6Alas BabylonPat Frank
8-7Understanding ComicsScott McCloud
8-12SpacelandRudy Rucker
8-12The Fat Man in HistoryPeter Carey
8-13A Year in the Linear CityPaul Di Filippo
8-15Bone vol 4Jeff Smith
8-21Misspent YouthPeter F. Hamilton
8-24The Gift of Asher LevChaim Potok
8-27King RatChina Mieville
8-30Bone vol 5Jeff Smith
9-1New Ideas from Dead EconomistsTodd G. Buccholz
9-5A Storm of SwordsGeorge R. R. Martin
9-9Another Day of LifeRyszard Kapuscinski
9-9HeadlongSimon Ings
9-11The Lions of Al-RassanGuy Gavriel Kay
9-15Moving PicturesTerry Pratchett
9-18Why is Sex Fun?Jared Diamond
9-20The Elephant VanishesHaruki Murakami
9-20The Dream YearsLisa Goldstein
9-23ImperiumRyszard Kapuscinski
9-23PersepolisMarjane Satrapi
9-24Bone vol 6Jeff Smith
9-26Futurama-O-RamaMatt Groening
10-2The InnocentIan McEwan
10-9Endless NightsNeil Gaiman
10-12Wolves in the WallsNeil Gaiman
10-14QuicksilverNeal Stephenson
10-15From David's Pure Vegetarian KitchenDavid A. Gabbe
10-16Stupid, Stupid Rat TalesJeff Smith, Tom Sniegoski & Stan Sakai
10-16Bone vol 7Jeff Smith
10-17Monstrous RegimentTerry Pratchett
10-20Black Projects, White KnightsKage Baker
10-20The Education of Robert NifkinDaniel Pinkwater
10-23Bone vol 8Jeff Smith
10-24Orient GatewayVittorio Giardino
10-24The Morning StarNick Bantock
10-24Murder MysteriesNeil Gaiman & P. Craig Russell
10-26Into the DeepKen Grimwood
10-27The Last HeroTerry Pratchett
10-30Captain Corelli's MandolinLouis de Bernieres
11-5How to Write a Dirty StorySusie Bright
11-6Hear the Wind SingHaruki Murakami
11-10Pasquale's AngelPaul J. McAuley
11-13Fuzzy DicePaul DiFilippo
11-20The Power of OneBryce Courtenay
11-20Across the Nighingale FloorLian Hearn
11-21The House on Mango StreetSandra Cisneros
11-26Word FreakStefan Fatsis
12-05Against a Dark BackgroundIain M. Banks
12-08The ScarChina Mieville
12-09Ultimate PunishmentScott Turow
12-14PassageConnie Willis
12-16Night Moves & Other StoriesTim Powers
12-24Risk PoolRichard Russo
12-27Midnight DaysNeil Gaiman

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